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Letipis Ole Supeet,

Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Director of Community Programs 

Letipis Ole Supeet volunteers to support the many roles of Taretok Child Prosperity including program management, coordination for all community programs, teacher training, facilitation of seminars, and external relations. He has a Teaching Certificate from Monduli Teachers Training College as well as training and lifetime experience in Environmental Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Folk Education.  He lives with his family in the Olmringiringa Village in Arusha, Tanzania 


Rebecca Weslie Ellison, M.A


Rebecca W. Ellison, M.A volunteers to support primarily the program management, social media, fundraising, and external relations for Taretok Child Prosperity. She has a background in education research  as well as e-commerce, analytics, and program management. She has a master's degree in International Education and Policy from the University of Maryland and lives with her family in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. 


Einoth Francis Mollel, M.A 

Coordinator for the Women's Learning Communuty 

Einoth Francis Mollel supports outreach and progamming for the Women's Learning Community in the Olmringiringa Village. She is an author of "Overcoming All Odds" a personal journey of escaping forced marriage and pursuing a degree in education

in Arusha, Tanzania. She is the Managing Director of Masue Tours and  works full time as the Principal at Datasky College. She has a master's degree in Education from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and lives in the city of Arusha, Tanzania with her siblings. 


Mepukori Lorwasa,

Organization Representative Nadosoito, Selela 

Mepukori Lorwasa supports our education efforts with the Nadosoito Preschool. He is a member of the Selela Community leadership and brings a strong knowledge of Maasai culture, Ward level networks, agriculture, and animal husbandry. He is a dedicated champion for education of all Maasai children.  

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