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Taretok Child Prosperity  a is a non-religious and non-political registered not-for-profit organization supporting the rights of vulnerable children by strengthening their social, cultural, economic and environmental awareness through advocacy.

At Taretok Child Prosperity, we believe that until there is perseverance to improve the wellbeing and training of our youngest members the goals and hopes of communities  cannot become fuller realized.  


We join Tanzanian Maasai communities in recogntion that their children are the embodied dreams and aspirations of a prosperous, ecologically sustainable, and just society . 

Our Vision 

We help children live with dignity, access quality education, while becoming stewards to the environment.

Our Mission

We seek to collaborate with communities to improve the material and social needs of children while channeling wonders of the natural world into the classroom environment. 

We are a Tanzanian national not-for-profit organization registered in 2018:  Registration Number: 00NGO/00010031


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