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About Us

Core Values 

We recognize that capacity development is fostered when the aspirations of children, teachers, parents, school board members, community leaders, and local stakeholders are given primacy and supported. Our operation model is one of collaboration in which we work to help stimulate those conditions that assist communities to take steps to assess local challenges, identify required skill sets, that help determine culturally appropriate solutions, and establish the scope of resources needed in order to facilitate desired changes.



We believe that true justice finds expression when each community member, as a result of being able to develop his or her latent potentialities, can fully contribute to the wellbeing of the community.   


Umoja (Unity)

Through the principle of unity we commit to honoring a social contract to work in solidarity and cooperation with all members of the community. It is only through the recognition of the essential oneness of humanity that we can hope to effect social, material, and spiritual transformation.

Through the lens of unity we recognize the essential relationships among all life forms which are expressed through the diversity of all living things within the natural world.  


We commit to ensuring all business transactions, in word and deed, represent integrity and truthfulness. 

Meet the Team 

Program Locations

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