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Economic Participation

The Naramatisho Milling Cooperative

Women from the Olmringiringa community gain practical skills and knowledge through a locally led network. As part of this program, women participate in activities where they learn about agricultural extension, participating in investment circles, developing competencies in safe health practices, and learning how to manage households. It is through this network that enabled the formation of the Naramatisho Milling Cooperative, which helps women farmers to reduce costs and time when processing their maize.

The cooperative management team overseas plans for production, costs associated with the mill including rent, electricity, and a security guard to protect the space at night. As a result of this service, the women have seen a gradual rise in income. The cooperative is also able to now to provide full meal support to the children from the Elang'ata Maasai Preschool.

Fuel Efficient Stoves 

Our fuel efficient stove building program has had a positive impact in the lives of many women. Thirty-five women have taken part in training to learn how to build fuel efficient rocket stoves using the hypocaust heating system. This has resulted in not only less firewood being used, but also faster cooking at higher temperatures. This has saved them valuable time in food preparation. The women have taken their knowledge to adjacent communities, positively impacting many more people.

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