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Advocacy for Education Through
Community Linkages 

Engaging Families and Community Leaders

We use a collaborative approach to bring together key stakeholders in the community to identify the needs of the school and to come up with tailored solutions. We hold consultations with members of the community, which include inputs from community leaders, school committees, teachers, parents, ward education officers, health practitioners, and other stakeholders whose insights of conditions and the realities on the ground are invaluable to our process.

Strengthening School Infrastructure

We understand that creating an effective school environment requires more than just a strong physical infrastructure. Our process involves engaging with the school and community stakeholders to identify their vision and resources so that children have safe spaces in which to learn. We work with schools to develop comprehensive solutions that address their physical, operational, and technological needs.

Teacher Accompaniment

Our teacher accompaniment approach focuses on providing teachers with ongoing support and guidance throughout their teaching journey. Through this service, teachers are able to strengthen their pedagogy and classroom management skills and gain insight into instructional strategies that can help their students better grasp foundational learning. This service is especially beneficial in community preschool settings, where class ratios are often larger than in other educational settings.

School Feeding Program 

Our school feeding program provides a vital service for children aged 6 and under, helping to ensure that they receive proper nutrition to support their development. By the time a child reaches his or her sixth birthday, 95% of his or her brain is developed, making it critical that along with classroom education, children's learning is supported by access to a regular meal each day. We help school committees to provide fortified nutrition to 300 children, helping to ensure their future success.

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