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What We Do

Taretok Child Prosperity is dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing and success of children and women in the community. Through its collaborative approach of working with local stakeholders, Taretok Child Prosperity seeks to foster positive change in the lives of vulnerable children and their families through education, training and empowerment.


Advocacy for Education +

Community Driven Solutions 

Our approach to education includes consulting local leadership, ward education officers, health practitioners, teachers, parents and children to develop new and enriching programming that will ensure long-term success for children.

Nature In the Classroom 

Classroom learning expands beyond its walls and doors to include exploration of the natural world within the environs of the community. Engagement with nature helps children develop curiosity and skills in critical thinking. 


Economic Participation 

Strengthening Women's Cooperatives 

Women's cooperatives are important engines for economic prosperity and social development within communities. Our efforts provide foundational assistance to help women start economic endeavors that support their families. 

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